Month: July 2016

The Power of Forgiveness

In my last post, I talked about my grandma, who passed away last week, and how I felt unloved by her much of the time. Well, my parents, sister and I made the trip over the weekend to her funeral. We arrived at the… Continue Reading “The Power of Forgiveness”

The Vapor of Life

I just received the news that my paternal grandmother passed away. It wasn’t unexpected. She had been sick for awhile. I wish I could say that my grandma and I were close, but I can’t. As a matter of fact, I never felt very… Continue Reading “The Vapor of Life”

Prayer is the Answer!!!

We are seeing a lot of turmoil going on in our world today. It can cause a lot of anxiety in our homes and lives. Just watching, listening to, or reading the news can create fear in our hearts. Social media is full of people asking… Continue Reading “Prayer is the Answer!!!”

Scriptures to Pray for Safety

The last couple of days have stirred up a lot of fear and anger in our country. Many lives have been senselessly lost. My heart is broken for all the families involved. A friend ask a question in a Facebook group. “How can I… Continue Reading “Scriptures to Pray for Safety”

How to Get a Husband

Tonight, I’d like to talk to the single ladies out there for a bit. It doesn’t matter how old you are; if you’re a single adult woman, it most likely feels like you may NEVER meet and marry Mr. Right. I know, because I’ve been… Continue Reading “How to Get a Husband”

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