Fall & Entertaining & (non) Perfection

I love the Fall. It puts me in the mood to clean, organize and decorate my home. I adore Fall decor. It really is my favorite. There is just something so comforting about the earthy colors and spicy-sweet scents.

Fall also, makes me want to have family and friends close by. Maybe that’s why I want to clean and organize so much. Because I have a strong desire to entertain.

So tomorrow night, I am having a potluck for mom’s from my church. It will be a kid-free evening with lots of good comfort food and a bonfire. As I made out my to-do list for prepping for the gathering, I realized I’m much less stressed about it then I thought I would be. Especially since I haven’t really had a lot of sleep this week. My infant son is teething and has been sick, so he’s kept me up.

I can attribute some of my stress-free attitude to new homemaking habits I have started, but I think it is more that I have matured a lot and I realize that my house does not have to be perfect. I used to think I had to have every little thing in place and every surface had to shine in order to have people over. I wanted to impress.

While I really do want to have a nice and inviting home, I realize that it doesn’t have to be pristine. As a matter of fact, people seem to be more relaxed in a home that is “lived in”. I know I am.

I mean, have you ever been to a home that is immaculate? How did you feel? Personally, I feel a little uncomfortable. I’m afraid I may knock something out of place.

But when I am in a home that has a little clutter here or there and a few dirty dishes in the sink, I feel like I can make myself more at home. I know that these people are real and they are down to earth.

All of that to say, tomorrow night is going to be great. All these Moms who have worked hard taking care of their families can come to my home and relax. And I pray they can feel comfortable and reassured that perfection is not important.

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