New Baby (Part 1)

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that we were blessed with a new baby boy in March. He really is an unexpected gift!

Babe and I had talked about whether or not we wanted to have another baby. He was pretty settled in his heart that he didn’t want anymore children. Our boys were teenagers and our Little Miss was finally out of diapers. He was felt like our family was complete.

But deep down in my heart, I desired another baby. At the same time, I was just not sure if I could manage the stress of caring for an infant while juggling our business and homeschooling and everything else. I was torn, so I never pushed the topic with Babe. I did, however, pray about it.

I knew the Lord knew the desires of my heart, but he also knew what I could handle. I asked him to make a way if it was in his plan for us. In the meantime, I continued to faithfully take my birth control as my husband wished.

Then something happened. I messed up my birth control pills. It was just a matter of forgetting to get them refilled in time. I really didn’t think much of it. I mean, how many times have I done the same thing in the past and never had an issue? I was actually even a little cynical about it. I told myself, “yeah, you’re not going to get pregnant. Why? Because you would be overjoyed if you did!”

But low and behold, about 6 weeks later I took a test after my period was late. I was in disbelief!! The test couldn’t have been more positive!

I guess I should have waited until Babe got home from work to tell him the news, but I just couldn’t help it. I called him. He wasn’t thrilled. As a matter of fact, he sounded a little angry… of course that hurt a lot. But I understood where he was coming from. In his manly way or seeing things, our lives had just gotten more complicated and expensive. We were also in the middle of a crisis with on of our other children and he was stressed!

For the next couple of weeks, there was a little tension in our home. Instead of feeling excited and happy, I felt down and discouraged.

Eventually, Babe warmed up to the reality that we were having a new baby. But there were accommodations that now had to be made for our new arrival.

In my next post, I will share more about how Babe and I dealt with the changes that had to take place in preparation for our little one. I will also share about the depression that I went through during the course of my pregnancy.

Until then…. ❤️

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