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New Baby (Part 3)

When I found out I was pregnant with my final baby, my husband and I were both apprehensive. It was a big surprise. We were filled with mixed emotions, because as I said in past posts, there was so many things going on. We… Continue Reading “New Baby (Part 3)”

One of Many Weaknesses

Time management… ugh. I really struggle with it. Who doesn’t right? Yet I know there are people out there who have worked hard to get their time under control. I can say I’m working hard on it myself, but I still don’t have it… Continue Reading “One of Many Weaknesses”

Happy Veterans Day!

Wishing all those who have fought for our great nation and those who are currently enlisted a very happy Veterans Day! God bless you for your sacrifice!!

The Bathroom Remodel Parable

It started out as a small hole in our bathroom floor, or so we thought! It was just a weak spot, and we assumed it would be easily repaired. So we called a floor repair man. He sent his crew out and they began… Continue Reading “The Bathroom Remodel Parable”

Scriptures to Pray for Safety

The last couple of days have stirred up a lot of fear and anger in our country. Many lives have been senselessly lost. My heart is broken for all the families involved. A friend ask a question in a Facebook group. “How can I… Continue Reading “Scriptures to Pray for Safety”

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